Many homeowners want their pool to look amazing and it is really easy to do by using what

you already have around your pool and just adding to it. Look at what is already there?

Shrubs, trees and rocks, use these as a basis for your pool landscape plan. By taking

advantage of this you can have a solid base to build on and also save some money.


By creating a unique pool landscape design you will be able to make your pool the main

attraction and it will make the rest of your yard look more appealing as well. If you have a

large backyard where your pool is located you may want to think about adding a poured

walkway around your pool deck. Many homeowners will also have the walkway wrapped

around to the front yard as well. Sometimes homeowners will also install a tiered wooden

deck with tables and chairs overlooking the pool. Decorating with potted plants and shrubs

is also attractive and can be changed with the seasons.


Often homeowners will also incorporate red bricks into their walk ways. By doing this you

will be able to add some color to your pool landscape. If possible, also add some space in

between, this way you can add small spaces of grass which will break up the pool landscape

and make it more attractive. By separating the walkway in the pool landscape with some

patches of green and red brick you will add a beautiful touch. The bits of green will enhance

the entire picture and red brick is a good choice of stone since it is a milder looking stone.

The red brick shading is warm and welcoming and the green spaces will just add to the

excellence of the your pool landscape.


Depending on where you live you may want to add some color with flowers. Flowers that

bloom in the morning are a good choice and if you like to lounge at the pool at night

consider adding late blooming flowers. By doing this you will able to add excellant color and

flower scents all day long.


By taking all the ideas in this article into consideration you will be able to make your pool

landscape plan the best around.